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Lange Straße 56
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This is us

The House of Resources Osnabrück • Diepholz is a project of the Eleganz Bildungsplattform e.V., which is funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI). The House of Resources (HoR) offers are primarily aimed at committed migrants in the Osnabrück and Diepholz regions. The central goal of the HoR is to strengthen the civil society engagement of migrants in the form of low-threshold, local and needs-based support for migrant self-organizations and associations that work in an integrative manner.

The “House of Resources (HoR)” model project was launched in 2016 by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF). There are currently a total of 20 House of Resources with similar offers across Germany. Further information with location and contact details can be found on the BAMF website.

Mission statement

Migrant associations are important actors in civic engagement in our society. They are just as active in the fields of culture, education and sport as they are in intercultural cooperation, in working with refugees and in anti-discrimination work. With a lot of dedication and expertise, they make a key contribution to a diverse everyday culture. By organizing multilingual literary evenings, organizing meeting parties or teaching native speakers, migrant associations make a unique contribution to a diverse society.

This commitment not only costs the clubs a lot of time and energy, but also requires the possibility of project financing and material resources. This is where the “House of Resources” funding concept comes in, with which we support you and your association in your projects. This primarily means support through further training, technical advice, material resources and premises as well as practical support from specialists.


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