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Find out more about networking opportunitiesand the network meetings of the House of Resources here

Network meeting

We invite you to our network meetings every 4 weeks. In addition to associations, initiatives and volunteers, administrative bodies such as integration and equal opportunities officers, employees of the volunteer offices and all other interested parties are invited. Here is space and time to talk about current projects, but also concerns in association and project work. Here you can also give us tips, requests and suggestions for our work at any time.
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Think Tanks

Think tanks or think tanks are topic-specific round tables. Urgent topics that affect several interested parties are discussed in these think tanks. Very different actors come together who are looking for a good solution to the problem or at least discussing different approaches.
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With this measure, associations, initiatives and volunteers are given the opportunity to present themselves and / or their project ideas in order to get in contact with other actors. The aim is to create promising collaborations that make it easier for associations to implement projects and apply for funding.
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Sponsoring fair

As part of our sponsorship fairs, clubs, initiatives and volunteers should be given the opportunity to present themselves and their projects to potential sponsors. On the other hand, sponsors should be able to get an overview of current projects, associations and initiatives. This is how we create a direct line between both parties.
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